Some of the first followers of Jesus were referred to as people of The Way.

He showed them a way of life that was subversive to the culture surrounding them. He taught that loving God and loving others would bring about real change, both inward and outward. Our way of life should reflect this truth, and we want our music to do the same.

Waylove was formed in the summer of 2011 when founding members Grace Marie Ward and Connor Hinson were given the chance to do some studio recording. They took this opportunity to write several original worship songs, which over the course of four months, developed into an entire album. This album, entitled “Manifest,” takes on a style of modern Christian worship, aimed at creating an atmosphere for listeners to worship freely and meaningfully. As the title implies, Manifest is about allowing Jesus to become evident in the lives of His followers so that others may come to know Him as well. Waylove continues to use their music as a tool to share the Gospel, leading worship at churches and events throughout the southeastern United States.

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